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The ABCs of Canine Massage

Be grateful for the opportunity
Be courteous and sensitive to your dog’s wishes
Become of your own breathing as well as your dog’s breathing
Develop a healing intent
Making yourself time-rich

BENEFITS of Massage
For your dog
Increases energy, comfort, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, trust and bonding, circulation of blood and lymph, relaxation and body awareness

Decreases pain, stress, tension, soreness, stiffness, anxiety and fear,
injury recovery time, inflammation and swelling and edema and recovery
time after surgery

For you
enhances your well being
improves your relationship with your dog
can discover potential problems early on
learning new skills
allows you to be present and mindful

Understanding your dog’s perspective
Becoming highly sensitive to your dog’s communications and body language
Fostering a positive and calm experience for you and your dog
Learning and utilizing various massage techniques
Learning a basic massage routine
Having a clearer sense of your dog’s anatomy
Making your dog happy
Practice with pressure, speed and rhythm
A simple relaxation routine

David Feldman
Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist
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