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In-Home Recuperation and Massage Therapy for your Pet

After your pet has surgery or has experienced an injury, there is a recuperation period. Depending on the circumstances, this can last from a week to several months. Almost all in-home recovery protocols include some of the following steps:

a) limiting and restricting your pet’s activity
b) applying therapies including cold, moist heat, massage, passive range of motion and stretching
c) Strengthening exercises including controlled walks, hill work and stair climbing
d) Balance exercises including weight shifting, figure eights and outside obstacles

I offer assistance with the recovery protocol. In addition to my certification in therapeutic dog massage, I bring over 25 years of caring for my own menagerie of pets on my small farm. While performing therapeutic massage for or dog, I also teach you some basic massage that you can do for your dog. All work take into account the specific protocols and recommendations of your veterinarian.

This service offers you the comfort of having a caring professional accompany you and your dog through the recovery and recuperation process; and this is done in the comfort of your home.

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